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My Top Apps for 2017

This article is inspired from Zeno Rocha in his “My Top Apps for 2017” article.
2017 is coming soon so I thought, why not make an article about the apps that people should use in the upcoming year?

Lifestyle — Music, Books, Social, and more


Music has been a really part of me and Spotify is the is the best at giving me the service. I actually used YouTube as a music player in the past but I immediately migrated to Spotify when I found out about it.


Instagram has been my most used social app since they’ve stealed/release new features this year, Stories and Live Videos have been my favorite feature this year. (I still use snapchat tho)


Me as a football fan, I need to keep up to the newest transfer update, match line-up, league tables and other stuff like that. Onefootball is seriously perfect for it. The layout of the app is very-very smooth.
And if you’re wondering what football club I support, I support Man City. #manchesterisblue

Coding — Browsers, Editors, Terminal, and more

Chrome Canary

I’m a new user here so I wouldn’t talk much, but this app got the jam. This app is designed for developers and early adopters, it really is designed for developers. It got the newest features and the best developer tools out there.


I accidently found out about this app when I was scrolling one of my friends repository on GitHub, I have to be honest. This terminal is better than the classic one and iTerm. And when I thought it wouldn’t get better, It’s open source and got a huge community behind it.

Sublime Text & Atom

I still can’t decide which one I want to use till now, so I decided to post both.

I’ve used Brackets & VIM. Brackets shortcut was pretty hard & VIM is too hardcore for me. I’m used to this app ( both). That’s why I decided to never migrate to another code editor.

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