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How I get a free domain & hosting at the same time.

Since I’m a 13 year old kid (as you may already know), obviously I don’t have a credit card. Then how the hell am I supposed to get a free domain & hosting at the same time?

I may have to ask my mom for her credit card, but it’s pretty complicated to explain to her why I should spend money on such thing.

So? What do I do?

I look up “free domain” on Google, and I end up opening, I put in my name “christoga”.

Suddenly, I found a .ga domain, which make me think to remove ga from my domain name so instead of, I’m going to use (pretty cool, right?)

I ordered the domain name and I end up on the config page.

I was pretty confused, so I look up a video about freenom on youtube and I end up watching this video.

Since my previous domain name was, I need to rewrite my domain name on my github repository. It works absolutely well on the first day, but on the second day it was fucked.

I was absolutely confused at the time and I was searching for answers. (God this post feels like a fucking kardashian episode).

I was searching on Google, YouTube, Reddit & StackOverflow. I found no solution to my problem. Well the solution, was actually very simple. You just need to add a CNAME file to your github repository.

I felt like a complete retard when it works. I spend 3 hours searching for the solution and I actually already know the answer. And at the end, I just found out that the .ga domain name is actually a country domain name for Gabon, the country of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

Was originally posted in my blog.

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