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How to create your own jekyll blog

Hey guys, today I will tell you how you could make your own jekyll blog, just like the one you’re reading right now! And, by the way it’s not as hard as it looks. What you’re going to need Well, you’re going to need a terminal or a shell if you want to call it. A github account Ruby, gem, bundle & jekyll all installed on your te... Read more

How I get a free domain & hosting at the same time.

Since I’m a 13 year old kid (as you may already know), obviously I don’t have a credit card. Then how the hell am I supposed to get a free domain & hosting at the same time? I may have to ask my mom for her credit card, but it’s pretty complicated to explain to her why I should spend money on such thing. So? What do I do? I look up “free d... Read more

My Top Apps for 2017

This article is inspired from Zeno Rocha in his “My Top Apps for 2017” article. 2017 is coming soon so I thought, why not make an article about the apps that people should use in the upcoming year? Spotify Music has been a really part of me and Spotify is the is the best at giving me the service. I actually used YouTube as a music player i... Read more

Deploy static sites for free using Surge

Surge is a static web publishing tool for the command line. It’s the most simple and easy way to deploy a static site that I’ve ever seen!. Surge is free and includes a lot of cool features out of the box. Just with a single command you will get your site deployed. What do you need? NodeJS & NPM Surge (obviously) Getting started To ... Read more

Hello World. Again.

Oh my god, are we actually doing this, again? I think I had like four or five blogs before I started this blog, I ended up doesn’t write anymore because I thought I could write coding tutorial every fucking post. Well, I finally realize I’m just shit at writing about how to code and things like that, I’m just not good at explaining it. Since ... Read more